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Cannabis Sunset

Kjell Schmidt, 19 years old, top candidate of the party Zukunft. and thus one of the youngest candidates for the position of honorary mayor in Schleswig-Holstein, presented his ambitious plan for the implementation of a "Cannabis Model Region Nordfriesland" today. The dedicated politician is running for the community of Wenningstedt-Braderup on list position 1 as well as for the North Frisian district council on list position 3 and is also chairman of the youth organization Junge Zukunft! of the same party.

Schmidt generally praises the non-commercial approach in the current draft law on cannabis legalization, but expresses concerns about the bureaucracy associated with this law. He calls for pragmatic solutions that take into account both the legitimate criticism of the police of too much control and legal effort as well as the needs of consumers. The existing illegality must be ended and the same rules and protective mechanisms as for alcohol and tobacco must be established. Addiction prevention must be expanded overall, and fundamental improvements in the living environment are necessary, which reduce the risk of addiction beforehand.

"Consumers must have the opportunity to buy cannabis in a controllable and pure variety. 25g can contain very different THC levels and have significantly different effects. Not everyone has their own vineyard for wine, but trusts professional small winegrowers and often has a favorite variety and flavor. Cannabis should not be any different. With similar quality standards and controls," says Kjell Schmidt, who is currently completing his high school diploma in agricultural economics.

The implementation of the "Cannabis Model Region Nordfriesland" would enable legal consumption of cannabis in the region and could thus be a decisive step towards a more progressive cannabis policy. Schmidt emphasizes that if anywhere in Germany were allowed to legally smoke pot first, it would offer a tourist region: "On the beach and on the dike of Nordfriesland!"

The young politician also emphasizes the current situation without legalization: "The reality of life shows that anyone who wants to smoke weed can already do so - not just on the island of Sylt." He calls on the incumbent government parties to consult their respective local political representations to gain insight into the actual situation. In addition, Schmidt emphasizes the exciting economic aspect that a model region Nordfriesland would offer, especially with regard to the urgently needed increase in the attractiveness of Nordfriesland for younger people, whether they are locals or guests.

With this demand, the young politician wants to set an example and open up a new perspective on the debate about the legalization of cannabis.

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